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Our services

We provide services that a foreign business typically needs to operate effectively in the USA.

Feasibility studies

  • Our studies aim to answer key questions: what should I sell? to whom? how do I reach them?
  • We research the U.S. market.
  • We help you estimate the feasibility of your business idea.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • We perform bookkeeping services in the U.S.
  • We offer online, monthly and quarterly accounting packages.
  • Online accounting allows managers to monitor the company's accounting from anywhere.

Business plans

  • We help prepare your PLAN (your intention) for a business idea in the USA.
  • We follow the logic and procedure presented in the page Business Plans.
  • As needed, we prepare presentations about your plan, to be used to convince potential investors, lenders, suppliers and partners.

Business plans for L-1 and E-2 visa

  • We prepare the business plan summary needed for your L-1 or E-2 visa application
  • In 10-15 pages we explain your business intention in the USA and how it will be implemented.
  • Includes income statement and balance sheet projections.
  • We follow the lead of your U.S. immigration attorney.


  • Pitch Sheet - a one-page summary of your idea, target niche, need to beaddressed (problem to be solved), proposed solution, competitive advantages, team, key events.  It's the corporate, written version of an elevator speech.
  • Pitch Deck - PowerPoint presentation with 10 to 20 slides, useful to make investors talk to you.  Usually includes ... vision and its validation ... market ... the problem ... the solution ... revenue model ... marketing and expansion strategy ... team ... competition ... financial projections ... investment required.
  • Detailed Business Plan, as described in the page about Business Plans.

Financial Models

  • We prepare financial models as detailed as needed.
  • A model quantitatively simulates the operation of a business in the United States.
  • Each financial model is unique to the client's operations.
  • Models are prepared in MS Excel format with several interconnected sheets.
  • Models allow you to project cash flow, breakeven and payback, among other items.