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Essential Documents for the U.S. market

Certain documents are so important that they are "essential" and deserve proper attention by companies doing business in the United States.  We help our clients adjust their websites, sales materials, documents and presentations to U.S. business habits.

Documents typically needed in the USA

  • Data Sheet about products and services
  • Corporate Profile
  • Templates for sales proposals
  • Code of Ethics for U.S. operations
  • Operating Procedures
  • Sales Plan
  • Business Plan, to document operating strategy
  • Business Plan and Pitch Deck, to convince potential investors
  • Business Plan summary, to use with L-1 visa application
  • Presentations (PowerPoint)
  • Financial Projections (Excel or Access)

Tips about presentations to U.S. audiences

  • Include terms used in the specific field of the target audience.
  • Adjust colloquial figures of speech to U.S. habits.
  • Convert units those familiar to your audience.
  • Use graphs or tables to explain quantitative or comparative data.
  • Explain references, symbols and abbreviations that are from other business cultures.
  • Remove unnecessary or irrelevant information.
  • Separate opinions from facts.
  • Avoid slang, idioms and abbreviations that Americans are not familiar with.